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Our First-Ever Issue Out Now!!

Cover image for The Pink Hydra Vol. 1, No. 1. It is a black-and-white cover with the magazine title in a sci-fi font, featuring artwork with a spaceship, planets, and a bright sun. It evokes the sense of old pulp magazines while still being a thoroughly modern product.

Editor’s Pick: Odin’s Other Eye by Cuban-American author Matias Travieso-Diaz has all the guts-and-glory grit of classic pulp fantasy meets Norse mythology in only 1500 words.

5 July 2024

Our first-ever issue – and more

Our editorial team is taking today to recover from the trauma of fixing website bugs – and to do what we love best: writing! The Pink Hydra is run by writers, and we’ve just received the exciting news that Emmylou Kotzé’s short story “What Makes a Man” will be featured in the 2024 volume of Cloaked Press’ Fall Into Fantasy anthology, coming this autumn!

In this fast-paced heroic fantasy story, Kotzé’s beloved character Fish, mercenary and magician, sometime assassin, and competent twink extraordinaire, must foil the designs of a magic-thief, rescue his husband, and perhaps confront a few assumptions of his own along the way.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the amazing fantasy contributions in our very first issue – from angsty lichs to Malachite Maids to sock gnomes to magical swords lacking a hero! to kobolds in danger of being roasted by their dragon. All free to read, only at The Pink Hydra!

Stock photo of a young Indian woman against a dusty sky in a red sari, dancing with a joyful expression on her face

22 June 2024

SFFSA Nova Short Story Competition 2024

Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa are seeking South African-themed sci-fi and fantasy stories between 2,000 and 8,000 words for their annual Nova competition!

Entry fees are only R40 for a first entry, with an additional R20 for every extra story you send. For an additional R25, you can also receive critique from a judge. The winning story will receive R2000, the runner-up R1000, and the bronze medal R500. There may also be a special award for the best story written by an author under 18!

If you’re interested, please read the guidelines here, check out the rules for the competition, and when you’re ready, fill in the entry form! (Click here for Excel.) Entry fees can be paid via Paypal or EFT, and all entries must be e-mailed (address is in the attached doc). The competition closes on 30 September 2024, so you still have plenty of time to craft a unique, original SFF story with a South African flavour!

Curious about the SFFSA? Find out more about their mission and team here.

12 June 2024

Do you want to be published in Turkey?

John RC Potter, the editor of Chewers and Masticadores Istanbul, wants your work! Stories under 1500 words, art and poetry are welcome. Full submission guidelines here!

A screenshot of the homepage for Chewers and Masticadores Istanbul, featuring artwork and poetry

4 June 2024

Portal to Narnia opens at Pink Hydra HQ

A snowy scene featuring a traditional Basotho hut and trees

Yes that’s snow. Yes this is Africa (the mountainous Lesotho border regions to be precise). How’s your Southern Hemisphere Winter going?

A snowman standing in front of a traditional Basotho hut

Thabiso is not the only snowman in Africa today, but we think he might be the largest!

10 May 2024

Siyabona! And welcome to The Pink Hydra!

Submissions for our magazine are now OPEN! and we’re practically bouncing off the walls in excitement!! We’re really, really happy to welcome all you folks from so many different corners of the world. We’re primarily looking for submissions at this stage of our journey, so if you think you’ve got something that fits, don’t hesitate to send it. Don’t self-reject!

If you’d like to support a small South African press and help grow SFF literature in Africa, we now have a Paypal link for donations. But, really, just the fact that you’re here and reading this already makes us grateful beyond belief.

Photo of a kokerboom, a unique tree native to the arid regions of Southern Africa

We’re not blogging from the desert (at the moment) but enjoy this tiny view of Africa!

“We are the sunrise on the savannah, a monkey with a banana, a tribal woman who doesn’t wear a bra” — Our favourite Africa quote by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone.

5 May 2024

Pink Hydra Press is pleased and proud to announce the completion of our very first print project, The Broken Knight.

ebook cover of The Broken Knight, featuring artwork of a battered shield

Set in a fantastical version of Anglo-Saxon England, this novel combines the tragedy and heroism of Germanic mythology with the otherworldly romance of lovers such as the Arthurian Tristan & Isolde, or the fairytale Undine and her knight.

After a battle-hardened Anglo-Saxon nobleman, Will, awakes on a smoking battlefield with no idea how he got there nor even his own name, a mystery involving his violent past and the secretive realm of faeries begins to unfold. Who is Goldie, this pagan girl he saved from an angry mob intent on burning her alive, and what is the dark shadow that stalks his nightmares?

A standalone fantasy novel of 69,000 words, The Broken Knight is the perfect read for a lazy afternoon, or a cosy weekend evening. Now available as a Kindle ebook or paperback.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-7961-6715-6

Kindle edition ISBN: 978-0-7961-6716-3

The logo of the Pink Hydra. It is a hot pink graphic of a snake monster with many heads.

Many heads. One mission. Get Writers Published And Paid.